vormen was invited to put their Mlamps on display at Lightline,  an exhibition featuring Belgian light Design at the Design museum in Ghent. This exhibition takes place from the 15th of November 2014 until the 15th of march 2015.

The curator, Siegrid Demyttenaere, selected these light objects based on a shared visual theme. “All light objects are inspired by a simple line: a written line, tight or wavy, sometimes almost invisible; An architectural line, hard and strong or soft as a shadow”

The 1Mlamp and 3Mlamp are being shown side by side with light designs by Tim Baute, Alain Berteau, Quentin De Coster, Frederik Delbart, Jos Devriendt, Nathalie Dewez, Jan & Randoald, Glenn Marys, Alain Monnens, Cas Moor + Lieven Musschoot, Muller Van Severen, Luc Ramael, Stefan Schöning, Seré/Dondossola, Hans Verstuyft and Sylvain Willenz.