Bauwelt 21.14



The newcomers on the Milanese Furniture Fair 2014

While well-known manufacturers seek to heighten their renown through stars of architecture and design – and the other way around (Bauwelt 20) – the younger generation still needs to draw attention in Milano. At the “Salone Satellite” they presented all sorts of outstanding positions, shifting between classical product design and applied art. What they have in common, is a critical approach towards raw materials.


Vormen is the Flemish word for the English ‘forms’. The eponymous seven-headed Belgian collective, consisting of architects, graphic designers, art historians and photographers, part of them still students, understand themselves equally programmatic. Like most young designers, they reduce the task of giving shape to the constituent elements.
In Mlamp, these elements are limited to the light source, the socket, the wiring and the standard. From those emerges a table lamp, that looks elegant, in spite of the reductive use of materials. This could be attributed to the well-proportioned steel standard, from which the bulb dangles like on gallows, only secured from falling by two spread pipes of the same material. “Form follows function” – there’s an absolutist ring to it for every freshman. By all means, the shapes that result from this dictum are as varied as the ‘Zeitgeists’, to which the designers are subjected, if only for the current state of the art.